The Velvet Hammer

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The Velvet Hammer is a woman leader who can manage with grace and eloquence and still get things done. She has given up trying what might work for her male counterpart... and has found her own unique way to lead others.

The Velvet Hammer not only offers great tips in a book distinctly for women on leadership, it also offers unique "Velvet Hammer" gifts for the woman who got the promotion or just needs to be recognized.

This book is a great way to say “thank you” to the many women in your life who deserve some recognition after a long project, a year on a board or committee or after any challenging time.

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Assessing Yourself as a Leader (Page 18)
Your 360 Team Assessment (Page 20)
Personality Profile Evaluations (Page 29)
Setting Goals (Page 52)
Knock it off Nicely Technique (Page 111)

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Velvet Hammer wins Book Award Finalist, Business Category

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Roadmap to Success brings together North America's top intellectual minds.


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