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The Velvet Hammer is a great book for ALL women who operate in business whether its on a team or as an entrepreneur. Elaine teaches us to embrace our natural feminine qualities to enhance how we do business. She helps to remove those blocks we’ve created by thinking being empathic, kind or caring is a sign of weak leadership. This book is powerful and inspiring allowing us to step up and into being a true to ourselves as women in business.
Gail Watson
Women Speakers Association

The Velvet Hammer: PowerHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don't Golf by international speaker and leader/management expert Elaine Allison clearly lays out for women just how they can be effective with leadership and management responsibilities in the corporate world. Readers will learn what brains, hormones and cultural expectations have to do with being a women of supervisory responsibilities; how to handle professional jealousy and overseeing the work of friends; gaining the respect of more knowledgeable and experienced superiors or subordinates; handling discipline and mediating conflict; setting effective goals for work teams, and so much more. The Velvet Hammer should be considered "must reading" for any woman faced with supervisory or management responsibilities in a business setting.
Midwest Book Review: March 2006

This book doesn't waste your time on abstract theories that have no relevance in the real world. The author uses real life examples, thought provoking quotes and specific suggestions to show readers how they can acquire the skills, clout and impact so they can lead gracefully and get the respect they deserve.
Christine McAlister, Business Owner - Scribes

As National President of an international women's organization, I have found women all over the world, struggling to find great information on leadership and supervision from a women's point of view. Most leadership books I have read are written by men and suggest tactics that don't always work well for women. Alternatively, the books written by women have been at an executive level, or from an academic viewpoint. Finally, this is the first "how to" book I've seen that shares real life stories and examples that we all face on a daily basis and offers concrete strategies. The "Velvet Hammer" techniques will work for women at all levels, from the beginner to the experienced. It is a must read if you are a woman and managing people.
Darla D.W. Campbell, 2004-2006 National President - BPW - Business and Professional Women, Canada

I finally get it. I knew there were differences, now I can enjoy the methods and approaches I use, stop worrying and get the job done, my way!
Cindy Bosa, Manager, Accounting Express

The Velvet Hammer has given me insight into every challenge I've faced in running my business. This book also helped me understand myself better - I can now manage in a way that feels more natural AND WORKS!
Dawn Cartwright, Manager - 6th Floor Prepress

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