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Leadership Skills from a Women's Point of View!

Simply put, a 'Velvet Hammer' is a woman---at any level in an organization-- who gets things done and done well by leading with grace and eloquence. She has let go of trying to make what works for her male counterparts, work for her.

Instead, she leverages her perspective as a woman to gain the trust, enthusiasm and support of her team. She is direct and impactful (a hammer) yet softens her approach with her innate diplomacy, compassion and warmth (velvet).

The majority of people leave because of poor leadership
....Be the leader they stay for!

What the reader learns:

find out what brains, hormones and cultural expectations have to do with it

effortlessly supervise friends and handle professional jealousy

quickly gain the respect of those who may be more experienced and knowledgeable than you

handle discipline and conflict constructively and without alienation

set goals that your team hit every time just because they want to

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